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Cookie & Privacy Policy


Cookie Policy

BuxMont Web LLC uses the minimum number of cookies needed to give you a better experience on our website.

We use one site-wide cookie to check whether you have been presented with the cookie and privacy policy notification, and turn it off if you have clicked the "I Accept" button. This is to avoid annoying you with the notification every time you visit a page on the site. If you do not click the "I Accept" button, no cookies will be used, but it may block some of the content on the page you are on.

Privacy Policy

Effective Date: May 23, 2018

We have the utmost respect for your privacy.

Personal information collected by the BuxMont Web LLC website is kept to a minimum. The information we collect is limited to:

  1. When you contact us through our contact form, we receive your name, email address, phone number, and any other information you have filled in on the form. We use this only for private communication with you, for the purpose you have emailed us. This information is stored on our mail server and is routinely purged. Sending us an email directly to our email address or through our web form means you consent to receiving email replies from us.
  2. If you enter into a business relationship with us, we retain your contact information for as long as is legally required for contract, accounting, billing and support purposes.
  3. Your IP address, which is needed for connecting to and using the site, and information about your web browser, operating system, type of device you are using and pages you visit are recorded and temporarily stored in our web hosting provider's server logs. This is routinely done on all web servers to provide basic website functionality and for security purposes. These logs cannot be used by us to identify or track you personally, and are automatically purged every month.
  4. We have removed social media share buttons on our blog posts to prevent the use of third-party cookies and tracking by social media sites.

Other than the information and uses listed above, we do not collect any further information or share the information you provide with third parties for any reason, including marketing or tracking purposes.