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Words Have Power

by BuxMont Web

Words Have Power

Your words have more power than you may realize. You never really know what people are facing in their lives. A few kind words, at a time when most needed, can make a huge difference in someone’s day - or even save their life. We are all carrying our own burdens, and you should never underestimate how significant a small act of kindness might be to someone who is having a rough day, grieving, or even suicidal.

One negative statement can have a lasting, even lifelong, effect on self-esteem. It also takes multiple positive comments to counteract one negative one. So I feel that we should speak words of kindness to those we encounter as often as possible. It only takes a moment, and costs us nothing to offer a message of compassion and support.

I aspire in my daily life to speak with kindness to everyone that I cross paths with each day. I’ve found that it makes me feel happier too. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone made an effort to only speak kindly to one another.

I have always felt the desire to make a positive contribution to the world. One of the small ways I have decided I can do this, is to create designs that include uplifting thoughts and messages, devoting sections of my Zazzle and Threadless online stores to offering these designs. I hope that people will wear and share these designs to help spread the messages of kindness, compassion, respect and peace.

Caryn Cziriak

Owner and Founder of BuxMont Web

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